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The contents provided are illustrative. By no means, does Espiritual Chef intend to replace any customized professional counselling that the user, buyer, customer or participant requires regarding a particular topic. In the same way, Espiritual Chef disclaims any responsibility for the problems that the customer may have in case of misuse of the information provided or disregard of any health, ideological, economic or any other kind of problem that the content in the courses or book might aggravate.

In the same way, it should be highlighted the fact that any piece of advice provided, shown or given by Espiritual Chef, neither replace or exclude any conventional medical or pharmacologist assistance or treatment prescribed by any healthcare professionals, regardless their specialization or field.

The recipes found in the website, as well as some of the ingredients of the products offered in the website, can affect some kind of food intolerance or allergy. The user, buyer or participant will have to consider his/her own limitations when using the contents.


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