Payments can be made by credit or debit card, through Stripe’s payment platform. Stripe will be held as only responsible for the data provided by the purchaser or participant, as Espiritual Chef keeps no record of the cards used for the purchase. Therefore, Stripe is totally liable for any incidence that may occur related to the payment process or the misuse of this type of data.

Whenever it is expressly stated, the customer is also able to pay by bank transfer. Espiritual Chef will provide the bank account data for that purpose. Espiritual Chef disclaims all responsibility for any incidence related to the bank transfer or any problem the customer might have with his/her bank company.


The participant is able to purchase the ticket for an Espiritual Chef on-site workshop through the website. Once the payment is done, the participant receives two emails, one with a receipt confirmation and another one with the ticket and the automated invoice attached. Details on content, duration, date, time or place are specified in each workshop announcement.

The participant knows and accepts that the event dates, times and premises are exclusively the ones announced, and that he/she is available to attend it, as no refund will be made. However, in case the participant is not able to attend the workshop, he/she is allowed to sell the ticket to someone else on his/her own responsibility. Espiritual Chef will not take part in the process.


Any user wanting to hire the Espiritual Chef’s online cooking school service must enter the “Escuela online” section at www.espiritualchef.com, or go directly to escuela.espiritualchef.com. Once there, select either a membership plan or the individual course of his/her choice and proceed to payment. Subsequently, a confirmation email receipt is sent and access to the online school is given.

The user has three subscription alternatives to different services at his/her disposal:

  1. Monthly subscription: The student starts by workshop no 1. Every fifteen days, he/she has access to the next level. Therefore, the goal is to take 2 workshops a month, since once the month is over, the system charges the corresponding fee automatically. The student has access to the workshops as long as he/she stays solvent. When needed, Espiritual Chef offers the possibility of suspending the subscription for a minimum of 3 months. Should the student cancel the subscription, but decides to resume in the future, he/she will have to restart from the beginning.
  2. Annual subscription: The student is able to decide where to start, as he/she has access to the whole school material and all the workshops from the beginning. During the month when the annual subscription expires, the student receives an email with the latest news for a subsequent subscription year. The student replies this email informing whether he/she remains or leaves the school.
  3. Individual course annual subscription: The student has access to the school and the course of his/her choice for one year. During the month when the subscription expires, the student receives an email with the latest news for a subsequent subscription year. The student replies this email informing whether he/she renews the subscription or not.

In case of any query, the student can send an email to escuela@espiritualchef.com


Espiritual Chef sells signed copies of his book through his website. The process to purchase one or several of them works as follows: the buyer carries out the payment; a confirmation email receipt is sent. Once confirmed, a second email is sent with a purchase confirmation message and the corresponding invoice. The book reaches the agreed destination address within the time established by the contracted delivery firm. Espiritual Chef pays the delivery expenses.

This type of sale is only available for deliveries within Spain and the Spanish islands.

If you are not in Spain, check the “Physical book” section in the website to find out the places the book is available at in your country.


The attendance to onsite workshops can be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the event date by sending an email to info@espiritualchef.com. Espiritual Chef will refund the customer within five natural days.

Espiritual Chef will accept exchanges or returns only if the item/s has arrived defective. Should that happen, the buyer must email Espiritual Chef at info@espiritualchef.com, and ask for a return, indicating name, item reference and including a picture of it showing the damaged side. The item must be returned unused, clean, with labels and packaging in perfect conditions and sealed. Once received, Espiritual Chef will verify the defect in the item and, if appropriate, proceed to exchange it or to issue a refund to the buyer. Espiritual Chef will be responsible for the delivery costs if the return request is imputable to him. Should that not be case, the customer would have to pay for them.

The customer has 7 natural days of receiving the good to request an exchange or return.


Orders are delivered in mainland Spain and the Spanish islands through Correos.

If the package does not reach its destination, due to a mistake in the postal address provided by the customer, no return, refund or exchange is to be made. However, if the mistake is imputable to Espiritual Chef, all necessary action is to be taken, so that the customer receives the package without any additional cost.


Any promotion or discount available will be applied before the payment process. Once the payment is carried out, no refund will be made.


All taxes and charges related to the good acquisition are shown before proceeding to payment.

Once the payment has been made, the corresponding invoice is delivered with the applicable taxes explained in detail.