Dedicatedly designed to please even the most demanding palate, this gourmet tasting menu shows a fine selection of Javier Medvedovsky’s best live alchemies.

Textures, flavours, colours and shapes combined with art, innovation, care, dedication and love. Javier’s culinary proposal proves creative maturity and personal imprint, and it wakes up ancient memories and evocative sensations.

Take a seat, relax and enjoy.

Sample of the Gourmet tasting menu

  • Onion and lemon cream Kale chips
  • Mushroom and avocado ceviche with hemp seed crunchy bits.
  • Raw Pad Thai
  • Good vibes wrap stuffed with almond falafel, fresh vegetables and cashew nut yogurt sauce
  •  Tirawmisu
  • “Activated” almond stuffed Medjool date covered with chocolate
  • Mango textures
  • Mint and lemon fizzy drink

This menu is available for a minimum of 6 people – Duration: approx. 3 hours

The menu is subject to change depending on the season and the chef’s inspiration and we can also adapt to your preferences. Let us know your needs and wants! The event can take place at your venue or at one of our event partners’ spaces. It is suitable for lunch or dinner. Every dish is prepared with 100% organic ingredients.