– WHO AM I? –


I am Javier Medvedovsky. I was born in a February morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1981. I was brought up in la Patagonia region, with cold, windy weather and the warmth of home.

In 2001 I received my professional certificate in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts by the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy (“Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía (IAG)” in Buenos Aires.

After that, I specialized as a baker and studied Japanese cuisine too. From 1999 until 2005 I worked in restaurants of different styles: from traditional Italian, to Argentinian, South American or Basque. I also worked for school canteens, catering companies, cutting-edge and signature cuisine restaurants, and even restaurants with three stars in the Michelin guide.

Several life experiences would make me become aware of the reaction of foods in our body. It was 2004 by then. I felt a calling and started to change my diet, leaving apart refined foods and dairy products. Later on, I would stop eating animals. Changing my diet changed my life.

When I was about leaving my country, I made a commitment with myself. I wanted to find the essential foods of the soul. In 2006, this seeking process led me to come across the Raw Food world. A totally new Javier came up. I plunged myself into it and, as a result, I started feeling the urgent need of sharing with others my own experience, as well as spreading out the benefits of this amazing life style, philosophy and medicine.

During that time, I worked in several vegetarian restaurants in Spain, mainly in Barcelona. In 2007 I went to learn with Mercè Passola, author of the book Creative Raw Cuisine, (“Cocina Cruda Creativa”) in which I also took part.

From then onwards, I have been engaged with the task of spreading out the Raw Food vision from a culinary, an artistic and a human perspective. And I do it through the project I founded, Espiritual Chef.


For me, the word “spiritual” means being aware in everything we do in life. It means to respect not only the laws in society but also those in nature. In Espiritual Chef we raise that awareness in the chef role. We take particular care for what we buy, for how we manipulate, present, eat and digest foods, as well as for the influence of our nutritional choices on the planet and on the beings inhabiting it.

Our food habits affect our wellbeing and quality of life. They have a large influence in the way we relate to ourselves and to the world around us. Food is a fuel we take in day-by-day and it does have an impact on our body.

Our mission statement is to plant a seed in every being. We want that seed to sprout and to raise awareness about the act of eating.

Our main values are:

  • Sustainability engagement with Planet Earth.
  • Passion and excellence in every service we offer.
  • Health and pleasure hand in hand.


The Raw Food or “live food” concept is far more than a diet. It is a medicine and a life style. It is based on eating plant-based, raw and organic foods, such as fruits, vegetables, green leaves, roots, seeds, grains, pulses, dried fruit and nuts, healthy plant oils, algae, flowers, herbs, spices…

The raw food diet is dairy, gluten and sugar free. It avoids processed foods ant those containing toxic ingredients or additives. Its key principle is: the more life we eat, the more life we have. Therefore, only natural procedures and techniques are employed to get the best of each food: sprouting, dehydration, fermentation, marinating…we also mix, blend, grind, cut…

At Espiritual Chef, we make use of these raw ingredients and cooking techniques to create deliciously pleasant delicacies and lead our guests to live an unforgettable experience. Sensations, textures, smells, memories and positive intention are our specialties.


During the last ten years, I have carried out hundreds of on site cooking workshops throughout Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. I have taken part in the Ana Moreno’s vegetarian cooking school (Escuela de cocina vegetariana de Ana Moreno“). I have participated in Valeria Lozano’s Habits change coach certification (“Certificación Coach en cambio de Hábitos de Valeria Lozano“). I have run several workshops at the Advanced cooking master of the Basque Culinary Center (Master de perfeccionamiento de cocina del Basque Culinary Center). I have also run a workshop at Lleida University, and another one at the Gato Dumas culinary school in Argentina (“Colegio de gastronomía Gato Dumas”), apart from many other workshops and further cooperation with related projects: ObbioBiospace, y VeritasGadgets CuinaCentro de nutrición ReverdeMeeatings23Mit Espai de CuinaVivea

I also submit recipes and write articles on food, cooking and a healthy life-style for different media. The following are but a few examples of past and current cooperations: “Revista Vegetariana”, “Mente Sana” and “Cuerpo Mente” magazine; Delicooks culinary web portal; Food to Meet You online magazine. I have also given talks at Bio Cultura Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia; the “Congreso de alimentación consciente”; the “Fira per la Terra”, the “Organic Festival”, the “Cómo como Festival”, the “Barcelona Yoga Conference”, the “Yoga Festival”, the “Big yoga” festival…

In the field of gastronomy, I have worked as a chef and advisor for Bionectar restaurant in Girona; I have designed and developed the culinary concept of El Café Blue Project in Barcelona; I have been involved in the culinary concept and development of Super Chulo Madrid restaurant. I have also created recipes, designed menus and given advice to other restaurants and food businesses.


I have appeared in media such as: