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The book Spiritual Chef, the essential foods of the soul (“Espiritual chef, los alimentos esenciales del alma”), is an enjoyable, educational and practical guide that will certainly encourage the reader to be a “hands-on cook” from the very beginning. It is a beautiful piece of art with a philosophical background and many suggestive pictures and loving illustrations.

Over seventy recipes designed to get as many nutrients as possible out of foods: energy soups, “mandala salads,” smoothies, nut cheeses, dips, sprouts, ferments, dehydrated foods, sweets, chocolates…It also incudes some of the author’s best known creations, such as the “Magic hummus”, the “Contemporary Essene bread, the “Cosmic pizza”, the “Out-of-this-world carrot cake”, the “Avatar chocolate”…all these and many more delicacies made with healthy, natural and plant-based ingredients, and carefully designed to nourish body, mind and soul.

Nourishment is a spiritual path.

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If you are in Spain, you can enjoy the privilege of getting a signed, personalized copy of Javier Medvedovsky’s book.

This book is the result of Javier’s career in the field of gastronomy. Inspired by the Raw Food or “live food” concept, and by his own life experience, the renowned chef invites us to connect to our true essence by enjoying healthy food. Are you joining us?

If you live out of Spain, have a look at the following link and check where you can get your book copy.

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Javier Medvedovsky


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