We offer personal chef services at your place or wherever you prefer. We aim at individuals as well as families or people who are always on the road and have no time to cook but want to have a balanced live and healthy eating style. We give you the opportunity to gain more time for yourself, guaranteeing pleasure and a lot of energy. Thanks to my professional training, my life experience and my interests, I consider myself specially indicated to bring more life and joy into your dishes and so, into your life! I always choose first quality ingredients and I employ seasonal products. Together with my team, I plan, buy, chop, prepare and clean, with awareness, art, love and dedication in each act. Everybody’s satisfaction is our priority!

How do we start working together? You contact us per email or phone. We arrange a first meeting to know each other, to see the possibilities, to define the menu you prefer and to give you a first estimate for the services you will hire. There are many different options: from a punctual service, to a full service including breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be short- or long-term. I also provide the chance to learn by buying and cooking together. Or if you prefer, I can prepare the food in my facilities and just take it to your place.