For us, the word “Spiritual” means to be aware and present in every act you carry out in your life, connected and showing respect not only for the laws in society but for those of nature too.

At “Espiritual Chef” we have this awareness in the chef’s performance, so we pay particular attention and care to what we buy or harvest, to the way we manipulate each food, to the way we present it, and to the influence of our food choices in the planet and in the beings inhabiting it.

Our eating habits have a large influence in our life quality and in the way we relate to ourselves and to our environment. Food is a daily consumed fuel generating an effect in our body.

Our personal path has led us to immerse ourselves in the RAW FOOD world, a diet, a medicine and a life philosophy in the end based on eating raw, live, plant-based foods from organic origin, such as fruits, vegetables, green leaves, roots, seeds, grains, pulses, dried fruits, oils, fats, algae, flowers, herbs, salts, spices…

With all this we create art and pleasure provoking an unforgettable experience which marks a turning point in every one tasting our preparations. Sensations, textures, tastes, smells, memories and good intention are our specialties.
We use natural procedures to obtain and keep the nutrients in foods, such as sprouting, dehydration, fermentation and maceration. We also grind, mix, filter, blend, cut, chop…

Our food becomes a fresh and healthy culinary option, full of life and with plenty of amazing and delightful flavors. The final resulting product raises our dear clients’ vibrational frequency. We create artistic, contemporary, live gastronomy with love, care and with 100% organic ingredients. This is an exciting trip. This is the LIFE FOOD trip. We are driven by a deep desire: that people eat healthier and feel better.

“mmmmmmmm” is one of the mantras with the highest and best frequency of vibration for our body. We stir it up. You just have to let it out. A big smile will be drawn on your face straight away.