Raw Food. ¡Mmmmmmm!

Energy Soup

Avocado and celery raw soup. Incredibly tasty, green and highly nutritional. A great  experience

Love Sandwhich

Our beloved and famous RAW Love Sandwich. Ask for references! Something you must try at least once in your life!

Cabbage Leaves Sushi

Raw Walnuts and celery dip wrapped in cabbage leaves. A fine gourmet version of the traditional Japanese Sushi

Strawberry Kiss

An unbeatable raw treat for everyone. Who dares to deny a kiss?

Mediterranean Salad

Incredibly fresh, live and colorful. The crispy cashew nuts cheese is really amazing!

Natural Sweets

Dried fruits. Simply spectacular. The basic dehydrator recipe in the raw food world…and the ideal sweet. Wherever you go, take some with you!