Sharing our knowledge is a must for us, as for when we teach, we keep learning. Throughout the year we organize workshops and other educational culinary events from a contemporary and professional approach.

In our workshops we teach the techniques, the tools and the ingredients and we create amazing healthy recipes going from simplicity to complexity, combining art and style.

  • Our workshops can be personalized to suit private or professional needs.
  • Besides Spanish, we can teach in English, French or German.
  • We encourage you to put a group together and contact us.
  • We offer counseling to business companies designing contemporary culinary programs focused on sustainability and health.
  • 100% organic ingredients. Our food is vegan, dairy, sugar, and gluten free and prepared with lots of love and dedication.

Our workshops

RAW FOOD Intensive Gourmet course

Duration: 12 hours split into two sessions held over a weekend.

Get familiar with the Raw Food techniques. Learn to prepare deliciously healthy recipes. Include them in your everyday diet and spread extra good vibes and vitality on your life.

The course includs the food and a booklet with the course recipes and some extra ones.

Class 1  ·Saturday

What is RAW FOOD? · ingredients ·  green issues and sustainability ·  our instinct · the act of eating · health · economy

Techniques and recipes: · Eden’s juices · Energy smoothies · Dressings · Salads · Sprouting· Carrot and garlic dip · Magic hummus · Nut milks · Zen Sushi · Chia Pudding · Out-of-this world carrot cake ·

Class 2 ·Sunday

Tools and equipment · super foods· chlorophyll · myths and truths · inner peace · each one’s own path · habbits · the priviledge of being alive ·

Techniques and recipes: Rejuvelac · Cashew nut cheese · Kimchi · Energy soup · Natural sweets ·Enzimatic crackers · Cosmic pizza · Good vibes wrap · Unforgettable raw cake· Cacao and walnuts cookies · Lemon and almonds Tu-Raw ·

Thematic RAW FOOD cooking courses

Duration: 3 hours

Master the Raw Food techniques by joining our dynamic thematic workshops. We open a wide range of posibilities, which will lead you to free your creativity and develop your cookig skills. The chef’s precious secrets unveiled for you.

RAW FOOD course & Dinner

Course+ recipe booklet+ full dinner menu: appetizer, starter, main course and dessert.

Sample menus

Zen: With a gentle and caring touch and the awareness in the present moment, we offer an experience inspired by the Japanese cuisine.
Ginger and lime shot – miso soup- experimental sushi assortment- algae and sprouts salad – crunchy cacao delicacy with matcha cream –
Mediterranean: The ingredients of the surroundings of this sea. We invite you to enjoy and flow through the many culinary pleasures.
Onion, rosemary and lemon Essene bread snack with olive tapenade- avocado and green leaves soup- Mediterranean-style Lasagne- “leak your fingers” cake with figs and vanilla-
From another world: We lose ourselves and find inspiration beyond Planet Earth. What about an unforgettable creative experience?
Eden’s juice with apple and mint- almonds and lemon cream with enzimatic chia and sun-dried tomatos crackers- good vibes warp with avocado and chipotle pepper cream – carrot cake from another world.

Tailor-made workshop

We buy and cook together in your house while delving into the benefits of the RAW FOOD diet. You will familiarize with the resources, the tools and the recipes and will soon be able to get along.

Cookings shows

If you want to have a laugh, taste and learn, you do not want to miss our show cookings! They address everybody.
We travel around the world and explore the roots of foods and of human beings through interactive educational recipes.

Where do we live? Who are we? What do we eat?
Art and humor are but great learning tools!